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Translation Internship Programs UK for German to English Students

July 2, 2020by admin

Interpreting and Translation Internship Opportunities in the UK
By: Christian Angermann, German to English and English To German Translator:

Translation Internship Programs UK for German to English Students

I started my internship at Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd to gain experience in the interpreting and translation industry and to improve my English skills in an English speaking environment. It was a great opportunity to live in a country and get to know its culture beyond the usual sightseeing of a tourist.

“If you are looking for Translation Internship Programs UK for German to English Students” then Absolute is the answer!

Since I moved a lot in my life within Germany I knew that there is a huge difference between visiting a city over the weekend and living and working like a real resident. You get a much better impression of the people and the atmosphere. After applying for an internship in several translation agencies I decided to work for Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd because the Managing Director assured me that the Company is very busy and I didn’t want to waste my time just sitting around and learning nothing like some of my friends used to when they completed their internships in other companies.

Furthermore, I wanted to go to Birmingham due to its unique diversity of people of different origins and because I like big cities and the huge amount of opportunities they offer.

In summary, my internship was a success.

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