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A Top UK Translation Company Achieves ISO 9001:2008 and ISO17100:2015 in Less Than 45 Days

The Translation and Interpreting Industry is becoming more regulated and legislated than ever before, and it is no surprise that the governing bodies for the translation and interpreting industry have come up with yet another refined Quality Standard and this time it is aimed at and developed for Translation Companies and Interpreting Service Agencies.

Who Are The Winners in This New Refined Quality Standard?

Unfortunately, like many other industries, the Translation Companies in the UK or in any other countries are no exception from the usual industry loopholes, this means that not all translation companies in the UK or worldwide are certified or accredited to provide quality  and official translation services. This means that the LSPs (Language Services Providers) that wish to remain in the translation industry must have stringent quality standards in place to remain compliant.

Can All UK Translation Companies Provide Certified Translation Services to become a Top UK Translation Company ?

This is a rather complex question and has no short answer. However, the information provided below should give you enough and factual information in order to get your answer to this question and to identify your desired Top UK Translation Company.

1. First of all, it is important to fully understand the very definition of What is a Certified Translation.
In simple words, a certified translation is carried out by professional (remember! a professional in this context also means an accredited and qualified translator) translator OR by a Certified Translation Company who confirms that to the best of their knowledge and ability, the translated texts into the target language is an exact translation of the source document and he/she or the Translation Company are accredited and qualified to the required standard.

Is a Certified Translation Service all You Need?

There are many scenarios which most UK Translation Companies or any other Translation Agencies will not necessarily tell you unless you ask for them.

For instance, unless you agree in writing, the same translator who carries out your certified translation services may not be able to attend any follow up court hearings should the court require the translator for an oath or to swear before the court.So, first of all, you need to question yourself as to whether you will require the translator in court to give witness statement in support of his/her translation. If you do, then you will have to make your requirements know to your preferred UK Translation Companies so that you will have more than one choice to choose from.

If you are still not sure as to whether can all UK Translation Companies provide certified translation services, then in light of these facts, the short answer will be no.

Who Benefit The Most from the New ISO17100:2015 International Quality Standard?

One needs to be professional and Technically the real winners in this quality standard are the clients and service users as eventually it is the service users  that will benefit the most by getting their documents or texts translated and certified to a high standard the first time.  Financially, the real winner is the main Top UK Translation Companies which have been officially accredited by ISO17100:2015. Furthermore Agencies like Absolute Interpretations and Translations Ltd in Birmingham and cities across the UK are the go to agency where quality is a priority to get to the title of being a Top UK Translation Company.




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