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Translation Internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations

July 2, 2020by admin

Translation Internship in the UK

The translation internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations was first of all a splendid adventure. Meeting new people from different cultures, getting to know their customs not only enriched my knowledge but also made me more sensitive to other cultures.

What to gain from translation internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations?

  • Working in a multicultural team was a wonderful experience; everyday I had the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the culture of other interns and my colleagues but also about their language.
  • It was also a great challenge to work with people of different nationalities as everyone has its own culture-bound habits. In view of this, I learned how to be more tolerant, how to better understand other people. Also, thanks to this I became a more humble human.
  • During my internship I had an exceptional opportunity to work as a community service interpreter. It was a great pleasure to work with native speakers of English language while interpreting for Poles who live in England. This experience made me also realize that in this profession it is the human being that is most important and that enabling the communication between two or more people from different cultures is an interesting and enriching process. This made me also more sensible to lots of issues; I learned how to be more patient and open to peoples’ needs and problems.
  • During my short but intense internship I learned how the interpreting and translation market works, how to deal with clients, how to be persuasive and how to help people.
  • Moreover, thanks to the fact that I was working in a foreign country, with people from all over the Europe and even for all over World I became more confident in English language and improved language skills. Owning to the fact that I had various tasks to do at Absolute, the internship was interesting and required from me different skills such as language skills, multitasking, creativity, and other personal skills.
  • In view of this, I could learn how work under the pressure of time and sometimes stress. Yet, the atmosphere at the office was very friendly thanks to people and their attitude to work and to other people.

In conclusion, the translation internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations was a valuable experience thanks to which I improved my language and personal skills. I meet wonderful people from different cultures and I hope the friendship that started in Birmingham will be long-lasting.

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