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Translation Internship Opportunities UK

July 2, 2020by admin

Translation Internship Opportunities UK

Hi everybody! My name is Gloria, I’m 23 and I come from Italy. I’m about to get my Master Degree in Conference Interpreting at the University of Bologna. My working languages are Italian, English and French.

 Last year I decided to apply for an Erasmus Placement studentship to carry out an interpreting internship in the UK and then started to search for Translation Internship Opportunities UK. I had planned to do an internship in the United Kingdom for many reasons: to get a job experience abroad, live alone in a foreign country, learn new work approaches, improve my fluency in English and my translating and interpreting skills. I sent many CVs to find the most suitable internship program for me. And after receiving replies from some British translation agencies, I got the one from Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, based in Birmingham. I thought: “Wow, cool, Birmingham!”, as I knew it was England’s second biggest city. Then I read the program that Emal, the MD, was offering me and I replied back straight away that yes, I was definitely willing to accept that internship. Why? It was the only agency which was proposing me several challenging tasks and also some interpreting jobs, and this was very meaningful for me, as I’d like to work as an Interpreter in future.

The tasks I was assigned included accountancy, translating documents for clients, face-to-face interpreting and taking interpreting booking requests from clients.  I can honestly say that I am fully satisfied with my internship at Absolute. I learned how to work in a team, how to be as much multitasking as possible, respect deadlines, have an appropriate correspondence with clients and translators and interpreters. And I am really happy that I had the chance of translating many documents of different kinds, getting professional feedback and being an interpreter in some delicate contexts, requiring concentration, accuracy and all the skills I’ve been trying to learn through my university years.

I will really miss Absolute. The environment was friendly and professional at the same time and I have met new friends and lovely people. I’d like to thank them all: Jarema – I’ll put you first because we started this enriching experience together, on the very same day, and I’ll always remember you and all the moments we spent together, you’re great friend -, Cordelia (a super, lovely, strong, clever, incredible girl), Laura, Agnieszka, Pierre, Marine. And, last but not least, Sohaela and Emal. Thank you for your professional and friendly support, you really gave me an amazing opportunity and experience of life. Thank you all, you taught me a lot.


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