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Yet Another Successful Internship At Absolute - Mariah's Experience

June 25, 2020by admin70

The Benefits Of The Translation Internship Programme At Absolute

Every year, we, at Absolute, give translation, interpreting and language students and graduates the

Translate foreign languages on computer keyboard. Education and translation concept. 3d illustration.

opportunity to delve into the world of translation and interpreting. The Translation Internship Programme is an outstanding opportunity for young people to gain an insight into the industry as well as take on real responsibility to complete varied tasks. Due to the educational and supportive approach of the Absolute team, we are home to the perfect environment whereby you can put all that you have learnt at university into essential practice. Not only do our translation interns experience the life and challenges of a Translation Project Manager, but they also have the opportunities to utilise their translation and/or interpreting skills when projects and bookings arise in their language combinations. The core of the Translation Internship Programme is, simply, to learn and to grow professionally which is why we provide feedback, advice and guidance at every step of the way.

Mariah’s Experience

Prior to joining Absolute as a translation intern at the beginning of February 2020, Mariah was coming to the end of her pursuit of completing her MA Translation In A European Context at a local university. So, why did Mariah decide to do the Translation Internship Programme at Absolute and what was her overall experience?

” Albeit having successfully completed my degree programme, I was not equipped with relevant yet professional work experience. Fresh out of university, I found that it was a rather daunting prospect to dive straight into the working world, and for this reason, I decided to complete a Translation Internship at Absolute in order to nurture my skills that I initially established at university and to put them into real practice.

Upon arrival of the internship at the beginning of February, I was somewhat apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect from an office-based job. However, Emal, the managing director, along with the rest of the Absolute team were welcoming which immediately eased my integration into the company. From thereon, I completed a wealth of different tasks ranging from proof-reading, to managing translation projects, to producing written content and even to completing my own translations. Emal regularly provided feedback on my performance as well as gave me tips on how to handle certain tasks more efficiently. Essentially, the Translation Internship Programme was a well-worth learning curve and I would happily do it all over again because Absolute is a great environment to learn, to grow and to hone skills. My experience at Absolute, so far, has provided me with the professional backbone that will enable me to transition from a university student to a full-time employee.”

What Did The Managing Director, Emal, Have To Say About Mariah’s Time At Absolute?

“Over the years, we have received more than 200 interns from overseas as well as from within the UK, giving them the opportunity to experience, learn and improve their practical translation and interpreting skills as well as learn other translation management qualities. 

We were were impressed with how quickly Mariah took onboard our practical advice and implemented them into her daily translation management tasks. Mariah’s quality of translation and proofreading have been to a very good standard and often commended by clients and proof readers. In addition, Mariah demonstrated her other hidden skills, such as writing blogs and press releases as well as creating engaging content and video materials for the business. Working with Mariah has been fun, exciting and rewarding for all parties, so much so that we will be offering her full time employment within the business.”

What Did Other Interns Have To Say About The Translation Internship Programme?


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