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Translation Internship Programs in Birmingham

July 2, 2020by admin

Looking for Translation Internship Programs in Birmingham ?

The translation internship on my university was mandatory after the fourth year of studies. I decided to look for a translation and interpreting company outside Poland for two main reasons. First of all, I felt as the translator’s profession is underestimated in Poland, and I wanted to see how it looks in another country. The second reason for that was because I wanted to use as much foreign language as I can.

DSC_0029While looking for the company that would accept my application I have sent lots of CVs to various agencies. I was really excited when I saw an e-mail from Mr. Haidari saying that the Company decided to accept my application. I finally could proof my skills which I gained throughout my studies.

I started my internship in June, 2014. Everyone was really nice and friendly, but at the same time extremely busy. I was really surprised, because it did not reflect my idea of a translation company. The phone lines were constantly busy, there were some clients coming to the office. After about half an hour I and another intern, Gloria, who also started at that day, were invited to Emal’s office to have a brief discuss about our internship. We were introduced to all the staff members and Emal explained us our tasks.

Now, after almost two months of my internship I can clearly state that each day the internship gets better. I got a lot of different and really differentiated tasks, from writing articles for the website and translations to face-to-face interpreting. Of course some of them were better than the others, but the wide scope of the tasks allows me to practice various skills.

The atmosphere in the office is unbelievably friendly and kind, at the same time being very professional. There are some moments of tension, but those only improve my ability to work under pressure and to stay focused on my job. Not to mention the improvement of my English language skills and confidence while speaking foreign language.

All in all, I can only recommend Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd to anyone, who is planning to do a translation internship. I would like to thank Emal and Sohaela for one the best experiences in my life so far. I would also like to thank all the other interns (especially Gloria and Marine) – we created an invincible team of great future translators and interpreters!


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