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Translation Internship Programs UK

 Translation Internship Programs UK

Virginia Piergentili

A successful Translation Internship Program Graduate, Virginia Piergentili

I joined Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd for my internship in March 2015. It was my very first working experience abroad, so I was obviously worried about my English skills and afraid of not being good enough to carry out the tasks I would have been given.

” It is not difficult to look for Translation Internship Programs UK”

I was wrong: thanks to this experience, I found out I am perfectly able to work in an international environment such as the Absolute Interpreting and Translations office in Birmingham, and that I had nothing to worry about. In fact, working at this company has helped me develop my spoken skills and so my self-confidence, has broadened my horizons because of all the new things I learned from people coming from different backgrounds and was a good opportunity to get in touch with the world of work.

Indeed, studying and translating in a lecture hall is completely different from actively using the skills acquired at the university to carry out a job. I’m now aware of this and that’s why I want to thank the staff. More specifically, I want to thank Cordelia, who has taught me what I needed to learn and was a good friend; Sohaela, who has always been kind and patient enough to repeat things twice; the Managing Director Emal Haidari, who has explained me how things work in this field, has encouraged me when I thought I could not carry out a task and more generally has given me the opportunity to work at Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd.

Last but not least, I’d love to thank the other interns for being such good colleagues, without whom this experience abroad would have not been as fantastic as it actually was.

Are you looking for Translation Internship Programs UK? Then grab the opportunity and join the well known and reputable translation Company (Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd) and enrich your translation and interpreting studies and learn the techniques and acquire the knowledge and experience that you would never learn when studying at the university as theory and practicality are two different fields!

Here is a link to many other interns who have successfully completed their translation internships in the UK at Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd.


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