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A Successful Translation Internship in UK, England

July 2, 2020by admin

Luckily I was given the opportunity to translate all kinds of documents from German into English or the other way around. All documents I translated were assigned to a proofreader after I finished the translation and thus I was given the chance to compare my translations with the amended documents of an experienced professional translator and consequently learn from my mistakes.
Before I started my internship at Absolute Interpreting & Translations I took elective courses in “Practice Translation II” in both ways English <> German as well as “Legal Translation”. Therefore I was perfectly educated to translate not just the website of the agency, but also the many German – English and English – German assignments. Translating a so-called “Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis”, which is basically a “CRB-Check” or “Certificate of [No] Criminal Records” in English speaking countries is a tough task, because it contains lots of complex sentences with a predefined structure in both languages. Besides that there exist different versions of these types of documents, which prevents the use of templates.
Furthermore, I translated different documents like letters, grades, marketing documents, etc. from English into German or from German into English. Marketing and advertising texts demand much more creativity from the translator, because obviously many word plays or jokes etc. can’t be translated word to word. I had to catch the meaning and rewrite the text.
Looking backward I have to say that translating, in general, is always something new and therefore remains interesting and challenging.

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