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Another Success! Absolute Interpreting and Translations is Included on Worcestershire HC NHS Trust Framework...

Another Success! Absolute Interpreting and Translations Awarded a Place on Worcestershire Health and Care Trust's Framework Agreement

Worcestershire Healthcare and Care Trust's Framework Agreement is the system Worcestershire NHS trust has put in place to obtain services to help deliver their healthcare to their service users. unsurprisingly the services Absolute Interpreting and Translations will henceforth be delivering to them are language services. In particular, they will be providing qualified medical interpreters to the various medical centres and hospital that are part of the framework. This means that marginalised Individuals within Worcestershire with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) will henceforth be re

ceiving the same health and care as their native English speaking counterparts, Thanks in part to the services of Absolute Interpreting and Translations. While Absolute Interpreting and Translations has only just begun giving these services to individuals within Worcestershire Health and Care Trust's Framework Agreement they have been and are continuing to provide NHS approved Medical Services for a very long time to a host of clients, including: East Sussex NHS Trust, BCPFT, East Cheshire Combined Services, and many more.

Why has Absolute Interpreting and Translations been selected to be part of it?

Worcestershire Health and Care Trust's Framework Agreement provide its services throughout Worcestershire County. They do so very well, their services are given an overall “Good” rating by the quality care commission. Furthermore, they put great effort into caring for their patients suffering from mental health conditions, commissioning a pioneering app to aid young people dealing with issues surrounding mental health.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations also routinely puts effort into ensuring that its services can be effectively delivered to patients suffering from mental health issues, in fact, they are regularly commissioning a Staff training event attended by professionals including mental health professionals.
In these events, Absolute Interpreting and Translations  will provide their interpreters with extra guidance on how to interpret in complex situations such as mental health and domestic abuse cases. Such displays of duty and professionalism are unlikely to have gone unnoticed by diligent healthcare providers such as Worcestershire Health and Care Trust.

What does this mean for Worcestershire?

Ultimately this means that all the people in Worcestershire Health and Care Trust's Framework Agreement will now have access to the medical and care services that Worcestershire Health and Care Trust so graciously provides. In particular, all the individuals from the over 300 linguistic backgrounds that Absolute Interpreting and Translations covers will be given professional interpreters, meaning they and no longer be alienated from  healthcare, or be reliant of unprofessional “language brokering” from friends or relatives, and therefore be susceptible to all the errors that arise from unprofessional healthcare.

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