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From our many years of experience in the industry, Absolute Interpreting and Translations has benefited many businesses, public and private sector organisations nationally and internationally and has raised their growth, effeciency and productivity by simplifying, localising and translating their websites in different languages.

More than 65 % of the world?s population now visit internet as their main ponit of reference before purchasing services or products, here are some factual statistics ?The latest report on information gathering, purchasing products or surveys in Europe, in the United States and Japan shows that Internet plays a big part in people?s information gathering and decision making process. 95% of people who were surveyed said that they use the Internet to gather information prior to purchasing products and services. 89.6% of them use ?search engines? and 59% of them use ?products/services comparison sites?. What?s interesting is that more men use ?comparison sites? and more women use ?samples and trial products? before they make purchases.

If you have a website through which you sell products or services and wish to expand your business and become more profitable then Absolute?s qualified and experienced translators ensure that your website?s translation reads as if it was written in the target langauge(s). It is important to know that website translation is not just converting one language into another language, it is a craft and an art and our translators recognise and take great pride in the knowledge that translation is a craft and an art, practised by people who must have more than language fluency.  Language translators must have excellent writing skills, cultural awareness and understanding, technical expertise and common sense, as well as pride in their work.

Absolute provide your wbesite translations in more than 50 different formats free of charge including but not limited to: RTF, PDF, EPS, JPG, JEPG, BMP. GIF, MDB, SNP, HTML, HTM, CVR, TIF, DCX MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Quark Xpress, MS Access, Adobe Illustrator, , PCX, FPX, SNP, On CDs, Disks and electronically

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