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Quality and Cost Effective Website Translation

Irrespective of how large  or small your business is and if you are selling services or products in your country and you wish to enter the international marketplace worldwide, then you need to speak in their language and understand their cultures. In this competitive world a great number of businesses invest heavily in marketing their services and products to attract new customers in a foreign country but to effectively advertise your services or products through your website in the foreign marketplace you need to communicate in their language.

To do this you need a reputable and professional Translation Company, Absolute Interpreting and Translations will ensure that your website translation will be of the highest quality that would read as if they were originally written in the target language. Just provide us the source files or your website address and we will provide you the translated pages in the same format and layout so you don?t have to pay your web developer to redesign your pages for you.

So which are the right languages for my business?

As a reputable Translation and Interpreting Company we do not mislead clients by encouraging them to translate their websites into 50 or 100 languages. However, Absolute can advise clients about the top languages that most businesses have translated their websites into. Every business knows who their target audience and clients are and which language their potential clients speak. No matter which language you choose at Absolute we provide human translation in over 150 languages.

If you are still unsure, have a look at some factual statistics

The latest report on information gathering in Japan shows that Internet plays a big part in people?s information gathering and decision making process. 95% of 500 survey participants said that they use Internet to gather information prior to purchasing products and services. 89.6% of them use ?search engines? and 59% of them use ?products/services comparison sites?. What?s interesting is that more men use ?comparison sites? and more women use ?samples and trial products? before they make purchases. Multilingual

If you have products or services targeting Japanese men, first of all translate your website into Japanese and add comparison information on your website, and if your products or services are targeting Japanese women, try free sample offering to see if the ROI (Return of Investment) improves.

Website Localisation and Translation

No doubt you have built your website, invested heavily in marketing your products and services in the hope of winning business in the international marketplace, you paid huge amounts of money for web developers to ensure your website is Search Engine Optimised and is the first to appear on search engines but are you getting enough business from foreign countries?

Again, the same old saying, ?When in Rome do as the Romans Do? if you want to sell in the foreign markets, you need to present your services and products in their language. Don?t just take our words for it, do a research on your competitors success. Just give it a try, contact Absolute Interpreting and Translations and ask for a free no obligation website translation quote.

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