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Why do most interpreters prefer to work for Absolute Interpreting and Translations?

July 5, 2021by Ragda Hasan

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd we are proud to state that we do everything we can for our interpreters to ensure a safe and hassle free work environment no matter where the booking takes place. This is one of many reasons why interpreters prefer Absolute.

Safe Work Environments

With the recent COVID-19 epidemic, we understand that safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we have immediately made changes to adapt to the crucial measures put in place either nationwide or by any of our clients. Even before the pandemic, we only send our linguists to safe and secure locations and will continue to do so. This is one of the reasons interpreters prefer to work for Absolute Interpreting and Translations.

I work with other interpreting and translation companies as well but I must say I have only seen important additional information on Absolute Interpreting and Translations timesheets which can sometimes be quite important to effectively manage myself before going on a job. Thank you Absolute” –  MJ, Polish Interpreter

Flexible Hours and Control

Having a good life work balance is always important.

We believe that interpreting is a job of many opportunities. With the flexibility we provide, interpreters are able to work as often as they see fit. This means that our interpreters won’t be missing out on the important things in life, like family and experiences. This is a primary factor why interpreters prefer to work for Absolute Interpreting and Translations.

We have self-employed, free-lance interpreters as well as contracted linguists meaning the bias that is seen in this sector for one interpreter over another will not be tolerated at Absolute. We pride ourselves on fair treatment of any interpreter no matter how long or how they have worked with us. This does not mean that advancement and improvement in the interpreting world and within our company is not possible. As long as the interpreter is qualified for the job, we distribute bookings based on a first come, first serve basis.

This system has been refined many different interpreters opinions and thoughts on how bookings should be given to interpreters. Of course we reserve the right not to give an interpreter a booking if we believe they will not be right for it. Our interpreters think that this is a fair and reliable way of handling the situation and we have been told that this is a big reason why interpreters prefer to work for Absolute Interpreting and Translations rather than other providers.

Providing Remote and Virtual Interpreting

We have recently received an influx of interpreters applying to work with us and we believe that one of the main reasons for this is our standard rates. Because we managed to keep the same pre-lockdown rates, we have noticed that interpreters are favouring us even more. Another reason is the fact that the switch from face to face interpreting to telephone and remote interpreting has been very smooth and swift. This meant that our interpreters were not out of work at any time during the lockdown as all bookings were then transferred to telephone interpreting. As we already had extensive infrastructure to support this, the change was seamless and simple. Now we are slowly offering more face to face bookings in the hopes that things may be able to return to some resemblance of normal whilst following all government guidelines and social distancing.

Access to Our Convenient Online Portal

Our interpreters appreciate the structure and reliability that we can provide. With access to an online portal, our interpreters are able to accept bookings or upload any of the documents required by us at any time of the day. This serves as a hub between Absolute and the interpreters, and will provide any details required for any of the interpreters bookings. Convenience is the main goal with the online portal for us and for the interpreters. This is something that a lot of our competitors do not provide, and we quickly realised that the more we do for interpreters, the more interpreters are willing to do for us. We do not like to waste interpreter’s time with unnecessary, mundane tasks that can be done by a program, so we do not.

I have found Absolute Interpreting and Translations very good to work with. The system for booking is quick and efficient and they always send confirmation of bookings.” -Nigel Williams

Frequent and Free Training

All of our interpreters are put through our in-house taught CIPSI course. One of the reasons behind that is to test an interpreter’s ability to work in their spoken languages. Another reason is that we would prefer to help our interpreters as opposed to use them. With the CIPSI course being the first thing an interpreter will do for us; we are then able to advise on whether a booking will be right for you and whether you have had the required training.

As some of our bookings can be sensitive, we ensure the interpreter is ready for anything that may come up. A lot of our interpreters have praised this as they have had experiences where other providers will send them somewhere they are totally unprepared for and naturally would blame the interpreter for this problem. We believe it is the responsibility of both Absolute and its interpreters to ensure an interpreter is prepared and trained. The special requirements we have put on each of our booking pages allows the client to specify if there is anything out of the ordinary with the booking or location and allows us to prepare for it.

It was a very professional and amazing training. Lots of nice and helpful information. I highly recommend it”- Sanna Amal

Good Staff Working Relationship

We believe in a strong working relationship among our staff and the interpreters. This could only be an improvement to any business. Many interpreters have provided feedback on our booking team and how brilliantly they work. Our team works tirelessly to acquire and provide bookings for our interpreters and are proud to say that they do this successfully. We know that this is a reason why interpreters prefer to work for Absolute Interpreting and Translations.

We are always looking for new opportunities for growth. And we only have the interpreters to thank for the fantastic services provided day in and day out by each and every person.  If you are looking to become an interpreter or if you would like to join our team please see our current job opportunities. Or if you have any other questions then check out our frequently asked questions page.

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